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Terms of Service The classified section provides a platform for the users to buy and sell various goods, products, services, interact with other people and to find jobs. Though this service is totally free and meant for the benefit of users you should be aware of the limitations and the potential risks involved including but not limited to false pretenses, false claims, and wrong information. It is solely at your risk, discretion and responsibility that you use this service. We assume no involvement or claim no responsibility in any disputes, damages or inconveniences arising due to the information or transaction between users using this service.

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All the information posted on is provided by users using this service. We make no representation as to the validity or veracity of the information submitted by any information provider. The team neither endorses nor does it subscribe to the ideas or communiqué submitted by the users.

We reserve the right to modify the terms of participation upon our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to our users. We also reserve the right to modify, change, delete, and add any content to this site, the service (and the site) may be discontinued temporarily or permanently at any time without any prior notice.

We reserve the right to edit, classify or refuse to publish any material submitted by an information provider. While we take every precautionary measure to prevent inappropriate, inflammatory material we cannot rule-out such stray incidents. We request all the users to maintain proper decorum and let us continue and excel in providing this interaction service to our community.

Submissions to this web site are on a non-confidential basis and we are under no obligation to refrain from reproducing, publishing or otherwise using in any way the content of any such communications, including any ideas, inventions, or know-how disclosed herein. What you submit are solely your own comments and you agree to bear responsibility for them.

You agree not to use any obscene, offensive or discourteous language or to place on the web site any material that is libelous, abusive, hateful, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state, national, or international law or regulation.

User agrees that neither of, any of its ancillary units, and the staff shall be liable or held responsible for any direct, indirect damages or losses, inconveniences resulting from any transactions resulting due to the usage of this site.

User agrees that the usage of this service is solely at his own risk. We do not carry any endorsements or warranty of any service, product or items transacted though this service.

User agrees that neither the Team, any of its ancillary units, nor its staff shall be liable or held responsible for any direct, indirect damages, losses, inconveniences or grievances resulting from the discussions resulting due to the usage of this service.

If you disagree with any of the above terms please do not use this site. If you have any questions or concerns we suggest that you respond by bringing them to our notice. We also invite you to bring to our attention any material you believe to be inaccurate or inappropriate.

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